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Virtual Meetings

The need for virtual meetings has increased considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic. And as more organizations are making a permanent shift to remote work as an attempt to further digitize their operations, having a reliable and secure video chatting space is crucial. At Six & Ten Production we recommend the following virtual meeting platforms for your company.

Google Meet

Google Meet is the more advanced sibling of Google Hangouts, previously only accessible for G Suite account owners. With Google Meet you can schedule, join or start a secure video meeting with anyone, meeting with families, work-related appointments, classes and so on. The platform includes many security features besides the regular rigorous security and privacy elements attached to al Google Cloud services . These features are for example:
• the ability to admit or deny entry and mute participants if needed,
• anonymous users are not allowed to join meetings created by individual accounts
• encryption of meet video meetings in transit and all recordings stored in Google Drive are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Previously Google Meet was only available as part of a G suite for organizations, but now it is freely available via and mobile apps for iOS or Android. If you have a Google Account, you can access google meet easily via your Gmail or Google Calendar.

G Suite accounts still enjoy the unique Google meet advanced features that allow larger meetings (up to 250 participants), live streaming (for up to 100000 viewers) and the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive. Businesses and organizations without a G Suite can now get access to G suite Essentials for free to also enjoy advanced Meet features. If you are ready to take the next step and become a full-fledged Gsuite user and integrate this into your business, contact us so we can help you figure out the details. 


Microsoft Teams

Previously known as Skype for business, Microsoft Teams is ideal for collaboration within an organization since it incorporates many different tools for file sharing, meetings, scheduling and so on. The Teams platform makes it easy to have a conversation with team members. If needed, members can switch from instant messaging to a video call or share OneDrive documents with each other without leaving the app .

Teams can also be used for large meetings, web conferences and live presentations for up to 10.000 attendees and includes features such as scheduling assistance, meeting note taking, screen sharing, meeting recording and instant messaging.

virtual meeting Zoom

By now, almost everyone is familiar with Zoom which is on its way to become a verb. While Zoom can be integrated in most other platforms, it is one the few companies that are solely focused on virtual Meetings. In comparison, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are part of larger platforms that includes other services for information sharing within teams.
With paid versions of Zoom, organizations are able to include up to 1000 participants or start a webinar.

Zoom recently introduced their latest update, Zoom 5.0 , that includes a GCM encryption for all users. After May 30, it will be a required update in order to continue using Zoom. After updating to Zoom 5.0 the encryption icon will appear on the upper left of your Zoom Meeting window. With this new update, hosts can also select a data center region for meetings and webinars giving you hereby more control over your data security. Users can now also be reported during meetings for misuse of the Zoom platform and password security has also been improved. All these features make Zoom hereby safer than its previous versions.

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Interested in getting more out of your virtual meetings? Contact us! Besides the platforms mentioned above, we are currently working with partners on more software solutions to help you connect to your colleagues, friends & family online in new ways.