Six & Ten Tools: Online Media Management & Reporting

Being on social media increases your brand awareness and can provide your company with more potential customers. You also foster a better relationship with your existing clients while learning from what your competitors are doing. However, managing social media can be a very exhausting job; analyzing when to post on which channel, constantly interacting and promoting engagement can be time consuming. At the other hand you might think of various ideas but find it difficult to create the content you have in mind.

The Six & Ten Online Media Management & Reporting Tool was developed to offer you solutions to all the above. It is a simple platform that enables scheduling, publishing and reports on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, & YouTube. It is still the only tool that allows for posting on TikTok! Whether you want to manage your own social media pages, or you are looking for a more effective tool to manage the social media of your clients, the Six& Ten Toolbox has got you covered.  

Six and Ten Tools social platform

Below we summarized just a few of its benefits.

Native Canva Integration

Native Canva IntegrationBeautify your social media posts by creating eye-catching photos, videos, and gifs using our new and unique Canva integration. Simplify content creation without ever leaving the Online Media Management & Reporting tool. Social media management has never been this seamlessly visual.

Syndicate great content from sources your audience loves

Syndicate contentYou can easily syndicate content from other sources by connecting RSS feeds to our OMR tool. As soon as there is a new publication on an RSS feed, we will automatically post it to your target social properties. You may also choose to curate, review, and possibly change the content before it is published. 


Protect your brand with an editorial workflow

editorial workflowThis team management feature ensures that the right messaging gets approved for publishing. Welcome to the era of no password sharing! You can stay in control by setting up permissions so your team can design and create engaging social media posts but only you, your clients or selected third parties can allow the post to go live.


Re-share your best content and bring in more views with Recurring Posts

Re-share contentWhy let your best content go to waste? Make sure your content is seen by your whole audience with Recurring Posts. With our tool, craft a few post variations and set your schedule to publish every few hours or days. Exponentially increase your reach and grow your following



Schedule Post
You can set your publication to post right away, later, repeat at specific intervals or add it to the queue. To avoid having your posts look like spam, we give you the ability to customize each publication for recurring campaigns.


If you are looking to reach a specific user demographic with your publication you can use publication targeting. The tool allows you to target your audience based on gender, age, geography, career and location. 



ReportsUsing our tool you can generate presentation-ready reports that can be easily accessed from any device. By connecting the tool with Google analytics and other sources of data you get insights on the entire costumer journey of your clients beyond social media.


You can try out the Online Media Management & Reporting Tool risk free for 14 days! We’ll set you up in no time. Contact us today to start impressing yourself and your co-workers with detailed analytics, easily digestible reports and engaging with your customers like you’ve never done before.