Remember those stressful and exhausting days where you have a lot on your list, like sending out a bunch of emails to your prospects and creating new content, only to be stuck in back to back meetings? And only wish you had a way to get these done?
fortunately, there is a solution. A solution that can help you make your marketing process more efficient, and personalized.
[Enter superhero caption] Here he comes to save the day, Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation?!

Yes, it is a reference for software or platforms that automate your marketing for you. Tasked to automate repetitive marketing tasks, track campaigns, measure the output and ultimately this will improve productivity and drives efficiency by minimizing manual actions.

Automated marketing task allows you to be more effective and spend more time on creative and decision-centric tasks such as marketing strategy, workflow planning, customer journey mapping etc.

As a marketer, your ultimate goal is to generate more revenue for your company. You have to drive traffic to your website, convert traffic into leads, and close your lead into customers. It's during the conversion and closure stages, where marketing automation shines.


How to use Marketing Automation

Here are a few ways on how you can start automating your most repetitive tasks.

Email Automation

With the most frequent email, you can setup your automation to generate auto-responses to your most frequently asked questions. Ideal automation software for this task is Zapier which can generates the responses for you. If you’re someone that gets bombarded with meeting requests, for your availability you can use Calendly to schedule meetings without the back and forth emails. You send out an auto-response to scheduling requests, giving people access to book a time from your calendar. Or if you are getting a lot of tasks, requests, or project emails, you can automatically add them to your to-do list with a to-do-list tool such as Todoist. Even your CRM (e.g. HubSpot), can be used to ensure you not to forget to respond to an important email.

Data and Information automation

The day of sending regular emails with important statistics to those who needed to see it is over. By automating your data and information collection, with the setup of customized dashboard you can visualize statistics that are collected through HubSpot. Another comparable visualization only tool that you can use is Google Data Studio. Both tools can easily be integrated into your CRM, spreadsheet, and database. These tools can generate reports that are sent out to all stakeholders in an automated email.

Marketing and Sales-Lead management automation

Automation for marketing and sales-lead management is essential for the lead management between your marketing and sales team. When a lead becomes a qualified marketing lead, your sales managers will become aware of the lead and ensure that they take action. Because tools like HubSpot CRM produce data on your leads, your sales rep will have an overview of the leads history with all the critical and timely information to close the deal. In return, your marketing department will also receive feedback on the quality of the lead and sales action. Thanks to HubSpot all of this automation can be handled, and as management, you will have all of your aggregated data compiled in one place.

In concluding automation is becoming a very essential and important aspect to companies all the way up to decision-making processes. With revolutionary development in artificial intelligence, it is essential to use marketing automation to help you make quick and smarter decisions based on the data sets that are collected and compiled automatically to reduce human errors. It will also create a more personalized customer experience. In the end, with simply automating repetitive tasks and processes will help save your company hours of employees’ time. And executive teams can and will improve their workflows and decision-making processes through automation.

At Six & Ten Productions we can help you decide on the best tools and strategies on your path to more automation. Our solutions can offer you a simple and reliable oversight of all the relevant information to help your company grow better. Contact us now for a free business assessment!



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