Landing Page

It is important to have meaningful contact with your (potential) costumers. Using a landing page, visitors to your website can be directed towards a specific content and in return you ask a specific action; either for them to sign up for a newsletter, sign up for an event or online course, get a free trial and so on.

How does it work?
Instead of directing your costumers to your home page, having a landing page can lead people to content that is more relevant for them and hereby increase the likeliness of a visitor becoming a costumer. The Call-to-Action (CTA) is the button with a specific action is asked from your visitors (for example: Register Now!) and the message you use to draw attention to it.

A landing page is an important feature in the automatization path of your company. Using the CTA on the page, the visitor’s information can be integrated in your CRM, allowing for your employees to have the relevant information to build on the relationship with your potential customers.

Let say you currently have a campaign running on social media for a discount on one of your services. In that scenario you expect a lot of new visitors to your site, looking for that particular service. Instead of putting a link that leads to your home page, you can create a landing page that would ask these potential clients to sign up for connecting services that would be interesting to them.

What is an effective Landing Page?

We have assembled some tips for an effective landing with some examples.

Your landing page should have little distractions for the costumer, the main focus should be your offer to the visitor and the call to action. This can be achieved by removing the website navigation elements on your landing page.



Short but simple is the best way to go but make sure you present a specific and valuable offer to the client. Instead of a ‘Contact us’ button, try to offer a free 1-hour consultancy or a basic How-To eBook.




Additionally, you can incorporate sharing links to motivate your visitors to spread the content with their audiences.


Need help? We got you!

There are various tools to create landing pages that you can use, but it takes experience and a lot of testing to know which calls to action and buttons best work for your company. At Six & Ten Productions we can help you figure out how to best engage your audience with your content. So not only can this help with one landing page, but we can analyze and improve your entire automation process to make your company grow better. Give us a call to set up your appointment!