Growing your company better with a CRM system

It is a painful experience for a costumer to be send over to a different department or employer and having to repeat the same information all over in order to get helped. Or when you miss a potential client that once expressed interest in your business because you forgot what they were interested in specifically or did not write down the right email address. Therefore, it is important for your organization to have one central place where all your costumers and potential costumer’s information are stored.

That is exactly what a CRM [customer relationship management] system does, it enables all your different departments to be updated with the latest information regarding your costumer’s needs and the status of their relationship with your company. It helps you to answer questions such as; who is this costumer, what is their interest, which content did they react on and how can we can get in touch with them?

Benefits of a CRM

There will come a time that the spreadsheet or email tool that you use can no longer contain all the information of your client. Or that the employee that usually knows all the details of certain costumers no longer works for you. So, as your business grows, your tools should also adapt. And the sooner the better so that you do not lose important data in the process.

With the increased use of online strategies, there are tons of possibilities when it comes to marketing, sales and customer service. Having a CRM system can make sure that your sales team can follow up with a costumer that engaged with you through social media with ease.  Nowadays with more teams working remotely, it is even more important to facilitate knowledge sharing between employees. In doing so, you increase the efficiency and workflow of your teams. With the provided analytics and dashboards, it will also be easier to visualize and make sense of your sale, finance and marketing data; all in one place.

Just with one tool you can improve your customer service, get better analytics and increase the overall efficiency of your company.CRM-Dashboard-6&10The right CRM for you

Ask yourself, do you have information in different places that need to be centered, do your costumers interact with different employees across different departments or do you need to structure the efforts of your sales team in order for them to be more productive? Did you answer one or more questions with a yes, then it might be time to get a CRM tool.

CRM software are designed to compile relevant costumer data and integrate them in such a way that can facilitate your process of designing the right strategy for client interaction. They differ in prices and how they charge; for example, per users, per functionality (charging extra for reports or customized contracts), or per the amount of data storage size.

At Six & Ten Productions we can analyze which system best fits your needs. Our solutions can offer you a simple and reliable oversight of all your relevant client information to help your company grow better. Contact us now for a meeting!